Yorkston / Thorne / Khan

THU 2 NOV | BLACK BOX | DOORS 8PM / £13 (£10 conc.) BOOK HERE

We are delighted to welcome back Yorkston/Thorne/Khan after their unforgettable performance last year.

The trio of James Yorkston (one of the most influential singer/songwriters on the Scottish folk scene), Jon Thorne (best known as jazz double bass player with electro outfit Lamb) and Suhail Yusuf Khan (award winning sarangi player and classical singer from New Delhi) make a kind of music that transcends genre.

The band have released two albums on Domino Records with Rolling Stone calling 2017’s Neuk Dalhi Aii-Stars “a game changing masterpiece” ★★★★★

YTK began life when Suhail Yusuf Khan met James Yorkston backstage at a small festival show in Edinburgh in 2014, before inviting Jon to make the trio. The result was a sound that has been wooing listeners and charming reviewers ever since.

From there, YTK have gone on to play festivals and stage all across Europe, and tour India, Ireland, Spain and the UK. 2017 looks to be their busiest year to date, making it all the more special to have them play Belfast once again. Do not miss.

★★★★★ fRoots “Joyous, contemplative, playful, euphoric and bleakly beautiful album”

★★★★★★★★ UNCUT “It isn’t easy to pigeon-hole but it could just be one of the albums of the year”

★★★★ MOJO “Spits in the face of normal genre classifications…Enlightened and challenging, an Incredible String Band for a brave new world”

★★★★ The Guardian “Bravely original Indian-folk-jazz fusion” / Q “unforced and rewarding” / Observer “the trio have cooked up an odd and engaging album” / Music OMH “a quietly mesmerising piece of work”

★★★★★★★★ UNCUT “Not so much fusion as a cross-cultural collision”

★★★★★ fRoots “Brimming with confidence, ideas and musicianship, these Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars are a band of brothers at the top of their collective game”

★★★★★ Soundblab “The rivers of musical currents run deep and pure as Scottish and Indian languages, swap sounds of sorrow with universal understanding”

Songlines “The fluidity of their interplay has now become almost second nature”

★★★★ MOJO “The sound they conjure up is Heavenly”

★★★★ The Guardian “Improbable trio work wonders again”