Metá Metá

SAT 2 JUNE | BLACK BOX | DOORS 8.30PM / £14 (£10 Conc.) BOOK HERE (No booking fee)

Juçara Marçal (vocals) Kiko Dinucci (guitars) Thiago França (sax & flute) Marcelo Cabral (bass) Sergio Machado (drums)

Metá Metá from Brazil play a dirty brew of psychedelic samba, distorted jazz and Afro-punk. The band are all followers of Afro Brazilian religion Candomblé, mixing this spiritual and rhythmic foundation with influences ranging from Afrobeat to Afrosambas, punk rock to be-bop. The result is chaotic, life-affirming music that explodes with the rage of The Stooges and Sonic Youth, the spirituality of John Coltrane and Sun Ra and the wild, avant-garde instrumentation of contemporary experimental-psychedelic outfits such as Melt Yourself Down and Goat.

We can personally vouch for this musical potency, as we brought Metá Metá to Belfast for the first time in 2016. Even with one member down (sax player Thiago França took ill), their concert stood out as one of our favourites of the year. We can only imagine what it’ll will be like with the full band!

Their album Metal Metal (released through Mais Um Discos label) won universal praise with The Independent on Sunday hailing it as “The first really serious contender for album of the year” and The Guardian saluting its “extraordinary style – the music echoes everything from punk rock to freeform jazz and samba.”

An incredible live act, we are delighted to welcome back Metá Metá