Ex-Isles (Album Launch)

FRI 14 SEPT | VOODOO | DOORS 7.45PM, £7 (£15 Ticket & Album Combo.) + booking fee BOOK HERE

As part of BEATROOT – roots music series

Ex-Isles is a new collaboration between Belfast based singer-songwriter Peter Devlin and composer James Joys. Having worked together on various projects, the pair decided to explore their distinctive take on pop music on their return to Belfast, after 15 years living away. The result is ‘Luxury Mass’; their debut album, swooning with darkness and humour, filled with harmonic twists, lyrical wit, rhythmic slips, all held together by Devlin’s rich, crooning baritone. Their brooding sound gives a nod to enigmatic pop figures like Scott Walker, David Sylvian, John Grant, ANOHNI, and late-era David Bowie; expertly carried out by Joys’s arrangements and production.

Inspiration cuts across pop music and into the writing of Deborah Levy, Lydia Davis, Ann Quin, and John Berger as they explore the hypocrisies of nationalism, the tragic figurations of the displaced, borders and thresholds, (both real and imagined), and our growing alienation from agency over our own lives under capitalism.

Heavy topics yes, but Ex-Isles manage to translate these shared anxieties and tragedies into beautiful, melancholic, and soaring pop songs for these troubled times.

We are delighted to be involved as Ex-Isles (a five piece live band) launch Luxury Mass this September.