‘All About…’ Outreach Series

Welcome to the ‘All About…’ series! These short tutorials are all about technique and approaches from the world of Jazz and Classical music, delivered by friends of Moving on Music.

Each artist has created 2-3 videos which will offer insight, advice and techniques for budding musicians, and an opportunity to practice alongside the tutor.

We will be posting one video per week, so keep your eyes peeled for your preferred instrument or something you would like to learn more about!


‘All About… Jazz & Blues Piano’
With Scott Flanigan

Hailing from Belfast Scott Flanigan is one of the UK’s most exciting young improvisers; a prolific pianist, organist, composer and arranger. Scott’s video series will introduce budding pianists to jazz and blues chords and breakdown techniques for viewers to play along with him!

For PDFs of the examples Scott uses, go to: www.scottflanigan.com/teaching-materials

Video #1: Jazz, Blues & Improvisation 

Video #2: Jazz Chords

Video #3: Autumn Leaves


‘All About… Jazz Guitar’
With Joseph Leighton 

Derry born, jazz guitarist Joseph Leighton is one of the finest young musician’s in the Irish jazz scene today. Joseph will be talking to us about all things jazz guitar, discussing influential players, relevant equipment he uses and his specific style of solo playing. In his final video, Joseph will dissect a popular jazz standard and advise budding guitarists on effective ways to improvise.

Video #1: Equipment & Influential Musicians 

Guitarists Discussed:

  1. Ted Greene
  2. John Scofield
  3. Adam Rogers
  4. Kurt Rosenwinkel
  5. Charlie Christian
  6. Mike Stern
  7. Pat Matheny
  8. Joe Pass
  9. Wes Montgomery
  10. Louis Stewart
  11. Jimmy Raney
  12. Billy Bean
  13. Django Reinhardt
  14. Bireli Lagrene
  15. Jimmy & Stochelo Rosenberg
  16. Peter Bernstein
  17. Jesse Van Ruller
  18. Pasquale Grasso
  19. Lucien Gray
Video #2: Modal Madness

Video #3: How to Approach Learning a Jazz Standard


‘All About… Jazz Singing’
With Aoife Doyle

Aoife Doyle’s unique, expressive vocals are equally home with jazz, folk, country or blues. Aoife’s All About Series will delve into iconic jazz vocalists, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, introducing their different approaches and styles and how they have influenced her approach to singing.

Video #1: Singing Styles

Video #2: Influential Jazz Singers


1. The Very Thought Of You by Billie Holiday – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3-MvnVJTh0

2. Blue Skies by Ella Fitzgerald – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRPn1bhE0CU

3. Shulie A Bop by Sarah Vaughan – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIccr-liq3Y

Video #3: Vocal Harmonies, Solos & Improvisation

‘All About… Jazz Drumming’
With Steve Davis 

Having just toured with legendary saxophonist Anthony Braxton, internationally acclaimed percussionist and composer Steve Davis is well known for his jazz drumming and free improvisational style of playing. Steve’s videos will focus on introducing drummers to different styles of jazz drumming, beginning with the swing tradition.

Video #1: Basic Swing

Video #2: Drum Chants

Video #3: Basic Swing Continued


‘All About… Classical and Irish Harp’
With Gráinne Meyer

Gráinne Meyer is a multi-award winning professional Classical and Irish harp player from Ireland. When not performing in concerts and festivals, Gráinne teaches, composes and facilitates workshops with ‘Live Music Now’. Gráinne’s video series will teach us all about the Classical and Irish harp, looking at their similarities and differences, their relevance in particular music periods and delves into some A Level syllabus. 

Video #1: Introduction to the Classical and Irish Harp

Video #2: The Evolution of the Harp

Video #3: The Role of the Harp in the Orchestra 

‘All About… Classical Violin’
With Darragh Morgan

Irish violinist, Darragh Morgan leads a successful career in classical music and is known for his versatile ability to perform music from baroque to contemporary styles. Darragh will take us on a journey of ‘old’ and ‘new’ music for the violin, looking at composers, styles and techniques.

Video #1: Contemporary Music for Violin 

Video #2: Baroque Music for Violin


‘All About… Classical Flute’
With Aisling Agnew

Aisling Agnew is a Belfast born flautist who regularly performs worldwide at many high-profile concerts and is currently the flautist with Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble. In Aisling’s 3-part video series, she will be exploring the use of birdsong throughout the different eras of music, looking specifically at composers such as Vivaldi, Bartok and Messiaen.

Video #1: Birdsong and the Classical Flute (Baroque & Classical)

Video #2: Birdsong and the Classical Flute (Romantic & 20th Century)

Video #3: Birdsong and the Classical Flute (Contemporary)