Donated Guitars

We received an incredible email a couple of weeks ago. The emailer (who wished to remain anonymous) is donating two beautiful guitars and wants us to help find them a home. We want each guitar to go to a musician in need, who will use it regularly and (hopefully) help advance their career. 

The two guitars are; 

  • Gibson ES175D Jazz Guitar – manufactured at the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo in 1981
  • Epiphone EA-250 – manufactured in Japan for the Gibson/Epiphone company in 1971/2

If you feel you could benefit from this beautiful opportunity, please email before Friday 6 March. The email should include;

  • Subject Line: Donated Guitar 
  • Email: which guitar you would like, a brief overview of why you’re the right person to receive it, **how long you would require the guitar for, why it would benefit you (no essays please), and a link or two to your work.

Please share widely. There’s no strings attached (there are strings attached), we just want to make sure each guitar finds the right home.